The early years of a child’s life are filled with wonder and curiosity. They are more open than at any other time in their life and rapidly learn about the world around them and their relationship to their environment. Experiences begin to encompass an ever-widening circle with expanding opportunities for learning basic skills and developing healthy self-confidence. A child’s experiences during these early formative years help to form a foundation for future relationships with others, feelings about themselves and their approach to learning.

New Horizons Child Development Center strives to provide a stimulating environment for each child.  Our purpose is to foster growth to the entire child; emotional, social, physical and intellectual.  We provide an atmosphere for each child to experience success at his or her own level of readiness and development.

This is accomplished by utilizing a well-planned program of activities chosen to foster continual growth, by utilizing well-designed educational material, creative media and carefully chosen play equipment.  Planning and guidance by sensitive, well-educated teachers create a secure environment in which a child can attempt new things and experience success.

The Center will provide opportunities for your child to develop considerate relationships with other children their own age.

Pre-school children will be preparing for future learning experiences by developing readiness skills to build on in elementary school programs, and for their own satisfaction and enjoyment.